We Never See It Coming

October 18, 2010 (3 days ago)
October 18, 2010 (3 days ago)

Even though we know it’s coming, we never see it coming.

It’s the same way the caterpillar (as far as we know) never sees the butterfly coming.

Yet, it’s inevitable.

Mid life.

The caterpillar in this photo was lucky. As I was pulling weeds a few days ago, he almost got dumped into the yard-waste barrel for recycling. I set it free in the mulch.

Who sets us free in midlife?

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  1. We set ourselves free.

    A wise older woman once told me, (when I was younger and much more focused) “I do whatever I want. I dance. I sing. I laugh to loud in public places. I live. You should try it.”

    She was Marty Schrier, my mentor, in computers and life.

  2. Patty, isn’t it amazing how the same advice, heard at two different points in someone’s life, can have entirely opposite insight?

    Growing up, I had always heard, and thought I completely understood, “It’s not the material things that matter”. But it wasn’t until we had spent our life savings (including the emotional bank account), and were faced with the brutal reality (in our early 40’s) that we almost assuredly wouldn’t become parents, that it finally sank in.

    It seems that the best way to set ourselves free, is to surrender our will to His.

    Thanks again for sharing your insight.

  3. Your statement about bank accounts brought this to mind: I have been pondering a blog post on chasing the stars, the Hollywood stars. How the perception the of Hollywood lives as fulfilled, glamorous, and carefree is not true. Fame, wealth, beauty (by some definitions), does not equal happiness, or a grace-filled life. People in their position are held bound and haunted by the tribulations that go hand in hand with their lifestyle. Making it even harder for them to be set free. So, why do we as a community love to read the tabloids? Why do we dream about the fancy cars, the gorgeous dresses and getaway vacations? When honestly: There is no place like home.

  4. There is no place like home, and I can’t wait to get there today. 🙂
    Have thought about celebrity challenges too. And my final conclusion is that celebrities suffer the same maladies as non-celebrities. Look around in any community, any church, and it’s filled with people going financially, physically and emotionally bankrupt – they simply don’t capture anyone’s attention.

    I’ve often wondered if the general public has some warped sense of satisfaction to see rich and famous people fall, as if to make themselves feel better for their ordinary existence.

    No matter the reason or the severity, we can all learn a great lesson, life is hard.

    And it’s celebrities like Michael J. Fox that make many want to cheer because we see them face their tough life head on, just like us.

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