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Real Life, In Real Time (seriously, I can't make this stuff up)
Real Life, In Real Time (seriously, I can't make this stuff up)

Just started reading Facebook updates, it’s a morning and evening routine to keep up with Family, Friends, co-workers. The very first two updates:

1. is grateful for this day!

2. I hate Mondays and getting up at 5:30am.

In our travels, and just plain old fashioned day-to-day living, aren’t we constantly reminded that our personal situation could be so much worse than it is?

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  1. I am usually the one that relates to #1 above. Today, I am having difficulty remaining positive. A milestone has been reached without recognition and I’m trying not to get sucked into a black hole of self pity.

    It will be a good day. It will be a good day.

  2. David, find strength where you can. You may have to look long and hard for it, yet you will find it.

    Perhaps, you can creatively recognize yourself, since no one apparently is tuned in to the milestone.

    And if it’s me who has not noticed, please forgive me. There’s always a chance I’m blindly unaware.

  3. Not you.

    And I’ve already found strength in my family at home and my church family.

    Those are the important ones.


  4. That’s the key. Everything will work out as it should. Not necessarily the way I want them to work. And that’s the problem. 🙂

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