Should we love uncertainty?

road work sign
Yesterday in our front yard. Can road work employees consider their work art? Should they?


Art rarely can be scaled for a production line.

Yet Apple does it with the iPhone.

However, art, for mere mortals like you and me, cannot be scaled.

But is can be replicated in original ways every single day.

It’s called passion.

A calling.

A drive to do the ordinary in extra-ordinary ways.

And each day because we begin anew, we can never be sure of our finished product.

Sometimes we fall short, or even fail.

And this is beautiful.

It reminds us of how uncertain art can be.

Art always carries risk.

And the minute we try to remove uncertainty from our art, something dies.

Removing uncertainty destroys the thing we originally fell in love with.

Whatever we do today, it won’t be the result that makes it magic, it will be the uncertainty.




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