There are rare moments when a picture tells a story without words

photo of home made toilet paper art
home made toilet paper art


There are rare moments when a picture tells a story of how lives are changing, better than words can.

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  1. Jeff,

    Amazing how the little things that show how you go the extra mile make a big deal to those watching! It is even more amazing, after knowing that, that people settle for doing much less. That’s makes a big deal for those who are watching as well. And oftentimes, has the opposite effect.


  2. Actually, I was viewing it from a customer service perspective. People notice when you go above and beyond. It creates a loyalty. But once customers experience that, they can also see when mediocrity is given as “customer service.” And they notice that too, which creates disloyalty.

  3. Bob, it’s tough to be perfect. Raising the bar on customer service is often seen as a negative for business leaders. Why? They say, “Then the customer will expect that all the time”.

    This makes work increasing more challenging – to try and continuously operate at a higher standard.

    Aim for perfection. Settle for excellence. And know that even then, some days will miss the mark completely (and strive to count those days on one hand). 🙂

    Have a remarkable day Bob.

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