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Being Nice To Others Has Many Forms
Being Nice To Others Has Many Forms

All that stuff I mentioned two days ago at jungle jeff has it’s roots in this idea:

No one can help another without helping themselves.

Many of you are practicing this as evidenced in your blog comments and emails. Together, we can pay it forward, pay it back, plant seeds of hope, offer encouragement, and stay positive in a challenging world.

So while the “numbers” grow, and that’s nice and all, what is really happening is the ripple effect. Thank you for being the engine that makes it possible.

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  1. Jeff,

    You know, as I was reading your blog, I was reminded of something taught by the Father of Economics – Adam Smith. I know – economics…really? Yes – but the concept set out in 1776 (a popular year for great things, huh) transcends into many other areas. He talked about the concept of the “invisible hand.” The best economies are the ones that operate under this principle…while trying to be successful economically, others can’t helped but be impacted and helped. From a modern-day example, we see that financial growth for the masses is impacted by companies who are trying to be successful in their business. If they succeed, we all benefit. That’s the invisible hand.

    Likewise, many of us come here to get something – encouragement, a positive push for the day…something for us. But the ripple effect happens, and our intented plan ends up helping others. Ah, the invisible hand is still at work!


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