Never before

Mountain lake
Lake McDonald from a never-before seen (by me) angle. Lake McDonald is 10 miles long.
Mountain range
The massive mountains, the vast wilderness, and my tiny presence is marginalized in this photo.
Mountain range
Northern Rockies, just miles from Canadian border. Highline Trail lower right. Granite Park Chalet (my base camp) upper right-ish.
Mountain lake
Lake McDonald. Radical view. Awesome and humbling to reach this angle.
L-R: Reynolds, Oberlin (fireground), Jackson (behind Oberlin), Clements, Bearhat (far right edge). Cannon is just out of sight past the right edge.

Big picture, let your life be your lesson.

Divide life into five big buckets (choices).

Master your mind, body, spirit, work, and home.

Starting with mind…

Let your attitude be your lesson. 

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