Walt Disney’s biggest risk was investing in things people never notice

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The colors were carefully and intentionally chosen.


Walt Disney’s biggest risk was investing in things people never notice.

People ask me what does it mean to over manage the details others either under manage or ignore?

The blog header colors intentionally symbolize something 99.99% will never understand:

  • Gray: We think with our mind, the gray matter
  • Brown: We move with our body, brown is the median human skin color
  • Red: We feel with our heart, everyone bleeds red
  • Green: We earn from our work, American currency is green
  • Blue: We dwell at our home, and deep blue is my favorite color

Why do it if most never notice?

Disney’s secrets for over managing a vibrant organizational culture are context neutral, meaning the prevailing wisdom that Disney uses can be used anywhere, even on my blogs.

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  1. You are right, I never noticed but cool to find out the details. I have a few details like this in Main Street, if I didn’t tell you, you would not know. The reality is that it has meaning to the creator and that makes it so much more fun.

  2. Thanks Donna. Your business is amazing. Incredible detail. i’ve seen it myself.

    The business insight is that because of the detail, employees are challenged to live up to it.

    And eventually, customers start to understand the vibe.

  3. Thanks for that insight!
    I’m on board with Donna. Knowing it’s meaning to the creator only adds to it.
    We visited a special Monet exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art, last weekend. It enriched our experience, incredibly, to know what was going on in the artist’s life, during each of his phases, and why he was focusing on certain subjects or techniques. It was fascinating!

  4. Thanks Craig. Didn’t know you two didn’t know. 🙂

    Was blogging on my phone (probably in Glacier) and saw the opportunity for the photo.

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