T-minus 2

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T-minus two days.

Fourteen years ago it became an idea.

Thirteen years ago the writing began.

It started with the Great Recession in 2008-09.

It rekindled a distant memory — a promise — to write a book for my children. Thirty years had passed since the College Junior (me) had an inspiring idea.

The Great Recession/Disney-layoff-wake-up-call completely caught everyone off-guard.

The Plan B notion surfaced quickly.


But was at a loss on how and where to begin. And, was it even necessary? In hindsight, it was not necessary. At least not until Covid-19, 11 years later.

Covid-19 decimated Walt Disney Parks and Resorts — and Disney Institute.

“You should have a Plan B in case, God forbid, this ever happens again.”

From that foggy, half-baked 2008 “Plan B” idea to write a book as a business card — for a backup plan, should another Great Recession-type event appear again before our planned 2024 Disney retirement, came the search for a place to practice writing.

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