Not sure if i want to count down each of the next 28 days

Orlando based keynote motivational speaker
In this May 2010 photo (l-r): Book’s storyboard on floor, desk facing the wall, my first Macbook (from 2008) on desk, my last PC on desk.


Ever have a “How is this possible?” moment that coincides with another life milestone?

Not sure if i want to count down each of the next 28 days as this goes live (or, 128 days from now – as this is written). In 28 days i begin year eight of writing five daily, differently-themed blogs.

You get that what i’m writing today (Wednesday, November 25, 2015) stays in a to-be-published que for 100 days. What that means is tomorrow is Thanksgiving – and two years ago on Thanksgiving my first book was announced to the world.

Publishing a book on Amazon (and Kindle) was a stunning (and humble) accomplishment.




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