If Disney Ran Your Life Podcast update

The official release and start of If Disney Ran Your Life will happen within 30 days it seems.

If Disney Ran Your Life Podcast update:

  • 22 Episodes recorded as practice and labeled Season 1 (14 episodes) and Season 2 (8 episodes).
  • All 22 episodes will go into the vault.
  • Offical release of the Grand Opening (Season 3) episode will likely happen June 8 (60th birthday), or maybe June 25 (wedding anniversary).

Son, the plan and the way it worked out aren’t even close. What’s remarkable about this is that i had the guts (attitude) to change everything after listening to the first two episodes.

Update July 13, 2019: Five Season 3 episodes ready to go – waiting on an official release date announcement. You won’t believe what we did to record the first official episode.

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