Go the extra inch

go the extra inch
Yesterday at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Go the extra inch.

So easy.

So simple.

A fraction of the effort compared to the extra mile.

Any effort that surprises and delights creates the “wow-factor”.

Creating unexpected and delightful surprises can and should become a habit.

Just like not going the extra mile all the time becomes a habit.

Going the extra mile is a flawed concept.

Did a TEDx Talk about it.

There’s a time and a place for the extra mile, but it’s the exception not the rule.

We insidiously let what we can’t do (the extra mile) stop us from what we can do (the extra inch).

Th other insight is that we cheat ourselves out of so much joy, meaning, and purpose because most of us never use the extra inch for our own personal transformation – moving from survival mode to thriving mode.


Because we let what we can’t do (extra mile) stop us from what we can do (extra inch).

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