Day six in Hilo, Hawaii and maybe this will happen

Aloha sigh


Day six in Hilo, Hawaii and maybe this will happen… maybe I’ll adjust to the new routine:

1. No Internet signal in room
2. Six hour time difference
3. Allure of Hawai’i, reality of long work days
4. So much to do, so little time
5. Writing last thing of the day versus first thing

Will I get to write from hotel lobby at 4:15am ?… and maybe a run as the sun rises at 5:53am?…

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  1. Jeff,

    Sometimes a heavy “unsettling” of our norms is a good thing – makes us realize and appreciate the things we truly hold onto versus the things we think we need and really don’t. I think Seth Godin would be the first to say that it would be a great time to thrive in the opportunity!


  2. Bob, yes, and…

    I call it a Mid Life Celebration.

    ReThink – RePrioritize – ReCommit

    Wisdom comes from controlling the controllables, and letting go of the rest.

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