Why is this relevant to what happens to you today?

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Why would “living like you mean it” be relevant to what happens to you today?

Should we have a personal battle cry for easy access to our daily inspiration?

As CEO of You, Inc, we create what makes us successful.

And we intuitively understand how repetition creates our habits.

Repetition creates habits.

Habits are in our control.

Habits make us or break us.

Weirdly enough, we know this yet do little, if anything, to change.


Because change is hard and routine is easy.

The repetition of a simple, direct, balanced, lofty approach has the power to influence.

But only through repetition.

Finished reading Mid Life Celebration for the 25th time on the return flight home yesterday.

The number represents reading of the published paperback or Kindle version. It does not include the many readings of the unpublished work.

This book is as short and sweet and powerful as they come.

“An inspirational wakeup call in about an hour.”

Over and over again.

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