Facebook is really freakin’ me out

Cocoa Beach Pier old man surfer
Couple days ago at Cocoa Beach. We can easily drown in the sea of lifetime choices we are confronted with.


Facebook has really freaked me out this past year.

It’s unmanageable with the other commitments clamoring for attention in our lives; can’t keep up with all the activity. Does anyone else feel guilt, or struggle with this?

On Facebook, society at large presents their best foot forward, or their deepest grief. Do we try to keep up, daily, with hundreds of magic and tragic updates?

How often do active users have to look at their phones each day? And if it isn’t number of looks, then how much time is required, each day/week? And if we are just skimming, why? What’s the motive? To compare? To be rubberneckers on the highway of life?

What is this auto pilot reaction to “Like” so many things? i feel like i want to and that i should – it’s the friendly thing to do – but then i start wondering, “Do we post updates to see how many likes we can get, like some weird video game in pursuit of our high score?”

So yeah, pretty freaked out in 2015.




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