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All he said back to me was, “I can see you doing that”

Wonder if those Moms feel the same…

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Below is an actual cut and paste comment from this blog which had me rethink some things.

“This really hit home to me. Just this past week I told my husband that I think I am going to delete my facebook page. When he asked why I said, “I feel like I have to constantly look at what everyone else is doing and then I compare myself as to why I am not like that person, or why can’t I decorate like that, or take such good pictures of my kids, or be as successful as this person.” All he said back to me was, “I can see you doing that and maybe you should delete it.”

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All I can say is, “Wow.” If you know something done by choice is going to impact you in a negative way, then maybe going the opposite direction from “the norm” is the best response. I guess when I read that, I was reminded of an old song by Steven Curtis Chapman, called, “Run Away.” The chorus said:

You’ve gotta run away
Turn around and run the other way
Don’t even look in the direction
Of a thought you should not entertain
You’ve gotta run away
It’s a prison that is calling your name
And you just can’t win if you play
So run away

Each person deals with the circumstances differently…knowing how you react to them can help steer you either away or to them.


Bob, we can become addicted to the distractions in our lives. They medicate us from the source of the real pain. A pain so great, we’d rather make it go away with distraction, rather than with change.

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