When a refresher refreshes you

Apple Magic Mouse
Bought an Apple Magic Mouse at the Apple Store last week.


What constitutes magic and how can one be sure when it happens?

The Apple Store group training class was for iCloud Basics. Counting the instructor Adam and two other Apple employees stocking shelves, there were seven of us in the store just before 8am. It would be another two hours before the store opened to customers.

As Adam was setting up, i walked over to the accessories wall and pulled a Magic Mouse down, walked back over to the class table and used my Apple Store App to purchase it. The three other Apple customers must have wondered what i was doing as i opened the box and began using the mouse.

Pretty sure that was magic.

Note: You do not need an Apple Store employee’s assistance to purchase many of the Apple Store products. Game changing.

Insight: This Apple Store example inspires and challenges me to think about creating Magic for my clients. If we aren’t thinking game changing, we are thinking too small.

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