Two requirements before magic can happen

jeff noel professional speaker at Orange County Convention Center
We are afraid on so many levels, even the fear of success


The two requirements? First, if you care, and second, if you are not afraid, you can do something magical.

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  1. Sometimes, it just takes time for the that fear to be embraced.
    You could probably separate the motivation from the ability to embrace that fear. Sometimes it may seem like the same thing – the drive to own your own thing. But, I’m finding that there are stages, in my experience. We’ll see where this goes… 🙂
    (P.S. I think I’m back in the blogging world again, over at the original blog.)

  2. Craig, nice to see you hear. Haven’t seen any of your posts come through my inbox.

    Fear is such a piece of rubbish. It is also a gift.

    Rubbish because it’s junk.

    A gift because it make us so much stronger when we move past it.

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