Attitude determines many things, including our priorities and courage

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


Testing for January 10… but it’s only October 2. The next 100 days should be incredibly exciting… When Apple’s new iOS, Yosemite, debuts soon, the Cloud may allow the bottom image to size the same as the one above.

The photo above was added the normal way from a MacBook. The photo below was added from the iPhone 6 Plus.

Purchased the iPhone 6 Plus yesterday to test the limits of mobile devices. This is on top of the iPhone 6 purchased two weeks ago.

Our attitude and courage to push our entrepreneurial spirit is nurtured, directed, and course-corrected by the person in charge of our life.

The way to get started is to quit taking and start doing. -Walt Disney

The photo below is much larger than the one above. The experiment worked. The photos are the same size on the iPhone 6. (just checked it, Jan 10, 2015)




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  1. Donna, love the iPhone 6.

    The 6+ isn’t front pocket friendly, but, it replaces the iPad mini and iPad for mobile blogging.

    The 6+ is the perfect back pocket computer.

    What are you waiting for?

    Also, Apple Pay and fingerprint recognition are amazing.

  2. I’m not that attached to using my phone. I do love my iPad though. The phone is more for viewing and not doing!

  3. Donna, got it. Agreed.

    The emerging small business entrepreneurs are learning to work from anywhere at anytime. The 6+ makes viewing, and doing, possible. Even while riding a Disney Monorail, or waiting the Jungle Cruise line. 🙂

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