Writing mashup update

Writing mashup update.

It’s been 60 days of creative, and intense, writing.

For the past two months, i’ve been extra busy writing seven Disney Business books; one for each Disney Business topic.

  1. Leadership Excellence
  2. Employee Engagement
  3. Customer Service
  4. Brand Loyalty
  5. Creativity and Innovation
  6. Business Excellence
  7. Applying Disney Business Principles for Personal Vibrancy

Just days away from the mid-point of the 365-day epic Disney writing challenge. The creative, 60-day initiative has put me back on track to write all seven Disney Business Books within one year.

Worth mentioning that yesterday, April 1, 2017, i began the ninth consecutive year of writing five daily, differently-themed blogs.

Insanely impossible has morphed into a daily (lifetime?) routine.


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