Our life forms itself to fit into the thoughts we choose

Took this photo yesterday, having no idea what i was going to write today. To think like this photo suggests can be a habit. Or not. One thing we can bank on, life is unpredictable.


The way you think manifests itself in your behaviors.

Your behaviors create your habits because you repeat these behaviors over and over.

You do it.

i do it.


Because our thinking also has habit-forming power.

And changing who you are – if that’s what you think you need – has to start with changing what you think.

That’s why this blog, about our mind, is one of life’s five big choices.

Everything begins and ends with our thoughts.

May you find what you need today, all day, to start leaving whatever thoughts don’t serve you – to begin letting them go – as uncomfortable as that feels right now.

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By jeff noel

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