Don’t tell me, show me

Logan Pass parking
Five minutes after we arrived, all spaces taken.


Highland trail entrance
It’s a deceptively easy trail entrance.


Highline trail
About 300 meters into and you realize the level of difficulty spikes.


Highline trail
You get used to it after the first time.


Highline trail
The first time can be scary.


Logan Pass parking
Not only are there no parking spaces, but tension mounts as people drive around.


Up early, again. Breakfast at Two Dog Flats. Parked at Logan Pass at 8:45am, just five minutes before all parking spaces were taken. Yes, early bird advantage.

The info-videos say arrive by noon. My goal was between 8:30-9:00am, with a primary goal to be closer to 8:30am versus 9am.


PS. 08.05 Friday, final day in Glacier. Breakfast at Two Dog Flats. Logan Pass at 845am (no spaces avail 5 mins later)…hike Highline trail a mile down and back. Watched Six Big Horn Sheep come down from across road. Lunch in room. Packed, checked out at 2pm (no charge) and leisure drive with several stops on Going To The Sun Road. Explore Lake McDonald Lodge…Cobb House, Reading Room, and public dorm rooms. Dinner at Eddies in Apgar…shop. Drive to Kalispel at 730pm to spend the night in town.



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