Never let your memories be bigger than your dreams

Disney World birthday pin
Handmade by my class to pay back “the wow-factor” (they succeeded)


Dear Readers, the only acceptable way to live our life is to do the best we can. Until the day we die.

Never let your memories be bigger than your dreams.

We know this and it means something different, and special, to each person.

Live like you mean it becomes a daily habit when we practice it everyday.

There’s always a catch isn’t there? The daily part throws people.

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  1. Jeff,

    It has been interesting that this subject came up today after the weekend I had with my family. Both of my boys have auditioned and got accepted into a national Christian actors/talent group, and this weekend was their first “crash-course” weekend on how to prepare for the big “Shine” convention in Orlando next July. Out of that convention, they could land acting, singing, modeling, or other types of roles or get agents. Actually, Disney is one of the big “VIPs” at the convention.

    But the tie back is that during the morning devotional yesterday, the focus was talking about the same thing you talked about. If that is where God is opening the door, why rest on how things used to be? Step forward and see where God is leading you. You have a dream for a reason…not to let it die or to cause you to live a life of regret for not trying.


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