What would it be like to build a startup from nothing?

Mid Life Celebration books displayed for book club members
Provided 3 comp copies to each book club member to share (each signed with unique message)


What would it be like to build a startup from nothing?

Last night was the first book club featuring Mid Life Celebration: rethink • reprioritize • recommit.

Hosted by Monica Flanagin Decker in her Valparaiso, Indiana home.

As Monica posted a Facebook update, her friend in South Carolina asked what all the buzz was about.

Then and there Monica convinced her friend to start a book club too, and feature Mid Life Celebration as their first book.

The rest of last night’s story continues at the…

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  1. Being a Scotsman I will wait until your 10% off for over 55,s then I will buy it. LOL, Good for your Jeff, can’t wait to get a copy.
    Ill get it signed next time I’m in Orlando

  2. Paul, Kindle is $9.99 and instantaneous.
    Paperback is 16.71 and takes a couple days.
    As they say, Just do it.
    Live like you mean it. 🙂

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