The funniest thing about the topic of fear

Central Florida early morning sunrise
Walking home after a run at sunrise, spotted something in the grass


Central Florida early morning sunrise
The odds of spotting this tiny spider and it’s web are nearly impossible


Central Florida early morning sunrise
Once you discover something hidden, it becomes so obvious (and beautiful)


The funniest thing about the topic of fear? And just to level set, do you recall the last time you felt you learned something new about fear?

Is it even on the radar?

And when you learned more about fear what happened to you?

So after speaking with my book production representative (for the first time) yesterday it happened. A realization about the overwhelming fear I have been carrying for so long.

Publishing a book is not that difficult.

But for years and years it seemed impossible.

Hoping you find a nugget in this post. I see it. Can you?

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  1. Jeff,

    Thank you for this blog.

    For me, the nugget is knowing that fear is the stumbling block, not the action itself. Pushing past the fear, the actions don’t seem so daunting. It is a rather liberating thought.


  2. Bob, to get to a place where if it was our last day and we had no warning, and no regrets, peace. Glorious peace.

    And strength. And contentment.

    Zero theory.

  3. Jeff, how I can relate to this right now with my invention! I have no doubt whatsoever that this product is supposed to be on the market and many will benefit from it at many different levels. It was easier in the “dreaming” stage when folks were testing it out and the way was made clear for patenting. However, now that it’s getting closer to obtaining funding, it’s a little scary. So, I understand.

  4. Susan, the closer we get to shipping, the more fear we feel. Why? Not sure.

    The unknown?

    The potential failure and waste of all the effort?

    The potential success and how will we handle the spotlight?

    If when know why we were born, then these things become much less fearful.

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