Happy New Day

Disney Keynote Speaker hiking
The Crown of The Continent – Glacier National Park. First trip begins in 11 days.


Happy New Day.

Awoke at 3am.

Filled with ideas and excitement.

But if i start working at 3am, i miss two hours of sleep.

Short-term, like until about 1pm, it would be an advantage.

But after lunch, i’d be ready for a nap – i’d rather not.

Decision time – so i close my eyes and hope to not reawaken until 5am.

Probably 10 more looks at the clock as time seemed to stand still.

i fought the temptation to arise.


Perseverance paid off.

Eventually and excitedly began at 4:55am.

The 2018 Disney Way Keynote Speaking has been busy January through May and i’m now officially on a Summer sabbatical through September.

Hell-bent on finishing the series of Disney Business books that have have been incubating, two-thirds completed, in my mind and heart.


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