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Great reminder about staying focused on the basics.



(Above) Brand You: Tell your personal story.

Great reminder.

The year was 2008 or 2009.

Our new Disney Institute Vice President, Jeff James, often walked past the cube i shared with Jack Santiago.

By the way, because office space was so limited, nearly everyone at Disney Institute shared a cube.

On one brief encounter, i invited Jeff into my cube and used Jack’s bookshelf (all my business books were at my home office) as the center of the vision i had for Disney Institute.

i said to Jeff, “Jeff, in the children’s video genre, what is the average household percentage of Disney videos in every children’s category?”

Our educated guess – from personal experience – is the percentage is overwhelmingly high for Disney videos.

Then i asked, pointing at Jack’s bookshelves, “What if every business leader across the globe had an overwhelmingly high percentage of Disney Institute business books on their office bookshelves?”

Currently, Be Our Guest is the only published “Disney Institute” business book.

My Summer 2018 focus is to get the next seven Disney and Disney Institute business books written, then published.

The business world is waiting, even if they are unaware these books are coming.

And this morning, i’m just days away from the first of six Summer writing retreats. All seven books are currently in the two-thirds done stage.


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