An email note to my brothers from college about mantle diving and death

Ripple effect
A question that deserves a legitimate answer and one most of us have none for.


In exchange for this long post the other four will be one sentence each….
Brothers, your kind, humorous emails brought laughter, smiles. We are blessed beyond measure to have formed an unbreakable bond at such a young and influential age.
Junior year, Fall 1979 when J. Bauknecht, Guenther, Ageny and I lived on High St (right?) (and where mantle diving began for Sig Ep?). Saw a movie of a pregnant mom talking to one of those big bazooka type vhs camcorders as it sat on her kitchen table and she sat on a rocking chair a few feet away, talking to the camera to her unborn child about what was important in life.
She was going to die and her child would only know her mom from the videos. I promised then and there to write a book to my children. God provided only one. A miracle.
Woke up 30 years later to realize, with an 8-year old, the first sentence hadn’t been written.
Then another miracle happened. The book is not only for Chapin (13), but for the world. It will challenge everything the reader (maybe some of you) believes in.
Peace and blessings dear brothers. Thank goodness Rob Fischer paid my dues that Spring, or you guys would have kicked me out. Crazy. Wonderful.

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