Happy 40th Birthday Walt Disney World!

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First of all for October, a Happy Birthday shout out to all the Cast Members at Walt Disney World. Today is Walt Disney World’s 40th birthday, 1971 -2011. Congratulations Mickey Mouse (and Minnie Mouse, and all the other beloved Disney Characters).

Boomers, can you remember your 40th birthday? Forty is the new 30. Fifty is the new 40. Whatever, right? Authenticity is the new currency, um, well, it’s nothing new – yet – because people are afraid of it. That’s where jeff noel comes in. He’s not.

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  1. I remember my 40th birthday and the subsequent party my wife threw for me. I wasn’t feeling well afterwards and ended up having open-heart surgery 4 days later. Memorable!

    Happy Birthday Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald, Daisy, Chip, Dale . . . this could go on for a long time. . . too many to name.

    Enjoy the celebration!

  2. Thanks David for sharing your moment in time. Frozen forever in your Family’s memory. Birthdays are perhaps the simplest way to remind us to give thanks for being alive.

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