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George Washington

Similar in a different sort of way, a thought from George Washington that is part of the hope at Mid Life Celebration. That you would come to trust this place for reassurance that the long way is the short cut:

“Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence.” – George Washington

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  1. Jeff,

    Interestingly, I have used that quote from President Washington to remind and encourage my teenager on how he needs to act with his teenage friends. I honestly believe that is a point when people really begin being tested on their ability to maintain trustworthy friendships without being cruel to others. Teenagers really do wear their emotions out there on their sleeves. And as I remind Zachary, some never role their sleeves up once they become adults. So you need to continue being courteous to all.


  2. Bob, one of the best strategies is to not only explain how to do it but also (and perhaps most importantly) why it should be done.

    As a facilitator, it’s possible to go even one step further. Rather than tell how and why. Get the audience to tell.

    If I tell people, they’ll never remember. If they figure it out for themselves, they’ll never forget.

  3. Spot on, Jeff! Personal application usually does goes further than theory. Great point.

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