In reality, we don’t need to feel guilty

Disney Cruise
Disney Cruise – first thing a saw yesterday morning.


Disney Cruise
Disney Cruise – awoke with an idea i had to write down. Stayed up from this point on.


Disney Cruise
Disney Cruise – a moment in real time yesterday.


Disney Cruise
Disney Cruise – early birds and adventurers see things others never will – an empty pool.


Disney Cruise
Disney Cruise – approxiamately 5am.


Disney Cruise
Disney Cruise – minutes from docking at Port Canaveral yesterday morning. No place like home (Florida).


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, the writer was up at 5:00am, writing like she means it.

Being off social media for eight days while sailing on the Disney Fantasy was surprisingly easy.

So much drama.

Just because Facebook gives everyone (us) a microphone doesn’t mean we should use it.

A Facebook Page would make sense.

Then, people could Like your Page and follow your story.

The harsh reality is very few people care about what we have to say.

PS. This post was prompted because i read some Facebook updates a few minutes ago, now that we are back on land and have unlimited wifi.

Maybe i just need to mute some people’s updates. But it doesn’t feel right. Why be connected if you’re not gonna listen?

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