Do we need questions that make people’s minds explode?

Q. Why did you create Mid Life Celebration?

A. Because the world needs a wake up call.

This Is Genius, the video below, really is, genius.



Leadership 201: Ask questions that make people’s minds explode – because of the question’s power.

The video made my eyes water, as a 55 year old dad of a 14-year old, i find myself asking a powerful question that no one offers a convincing answer to.

What’s the purpose of school?

Hat tip to Seth Godin for sharing.

This Is Genius?


Final answer.

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  1. Craig, first, thank you for reading and commenting. Second, in writing this post, i extended great freedom of speech to the speaker. What the speaker didn’t offer is a vision for how to solve the scalability of what he is proposing.

    To say the students would rather get high than gonzo school is an exaggerated stereotype. It’s both true and false, yet his speech claims only that it’s true.

    Much of what he is dreaming of is up to the Family unit.

    Some day the educational system will go through a metamorphosis. But until then…

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