Podcast Episode: Everyone, meet Disney Institute’s jeff noel

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In four years, no one mentioned the typo. Caught it yesterday.

Today’s five posts cover essentials for the very first episode of the new Disney Podcast by jeff noel, hosted by The Happiest Podcaster on Earth, Jody Maberry.

Jody hosts Lee Cockerell’s Creating Disney Magic podcast, now well into it’s 200+ episode. Jody hosts several other Podcasts, lives in Washington State with his lovely wife and two incredible children, is a former National Park Ranger, and someone jeff trusts and calls a friend.

Everyone, meet Disney Institute’s jeff noel.

Why is this news?

Because, finally, jeff has committed to offering the world a Disney and Disney Institute podcast entitled:

If Disney Ran Your Life.

More at the next blog…the link to get there is below, but you already know that. 

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