i should probably celebrate with something extra-ordinary

Disney Institute Healthcare Keynote 2011
One of the thousands of Disney Best Practices Keynotes i delivered from 1999-2014.


Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay
Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay – staying in great hotels never got old.


Great Disney leaders take time to deliver personalized recognition, meaning that they need to know how each employee likes to be recognized, and honor that – versus traditional cookie-cutter  programs.

i should probably celebrate with something extra-ordinary.


Because today’s five posts complete the seventh consecutive year of of daily writing on five differently-themed websites.

Why five sites?

  1. Mind – we think
  2. Body – we move
  3. Spirit – we feel
  4. Money – we earn
  5. HQ – we dwell


After a lifetime at Disney unsuccessfully searching internally for a role model for balance, i had the aha moment of a lifetime…

Wake up jeff, quit looking. Become the change you seek.




On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.

This website is about our mental attitude. To easily and safely leave this site to read today’s post on jeff’s physical health website, click here.


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Retired Disney Institute Keynote Speaker and Prolific Blogger. Five daily, differently-themed personal blogs (about life's 5 big choices) on five interconnected sites.