Disney Business Vibrancy

Disney Keynote Speaker Jeff noel's name tags in the mountains
Three of many lifetime Disney name tags. Photo: Mt Oberlin summit, 8,200′, Glacier National Park.

Disney Vibrancy.

What do you mean Disney Vibrancy (DV)?

DV is an unparalleled standard of excellence and a remarkable, global public trust. Spend a lifetime learning, doing and teaching DV and you are capable of sharing Disney’s world-class, time-tested business insights.


What i learned, did, and taught from 30 years at Disney and Disney Institute.

As a Leader.

As an Employee (Cast Member).

As a Customer (Guest) Service provider.

As a protector of our (Disney) brand Reputation.

As a Disney environmentalist for continuous Improvement.

Life has an interesting way of interacting with our plans. Looking forward to a positive pendulum swing. It’s like those Disney Business books are screaming calling for help.

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