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The “Magic” is our ability to keep the reality of the hard work invisible.


It’s not the Magic that makes it work, it’s the work that makes it Magic.

A recent Disney Talent Management article from July (no longer available on this site) illustrates many things which aren’t specifically called out, including:

  • Everything takes longer than hoped
  • Collaboration is key
  • Creativity is key
  • Vision is key
  • Transformation is key

Lots of keys to the Kingdom.

Focus and discipline.

Let me try to hammer home the point.

It’s as absurd as when non-athletic people say this when talking about athletic people, “They don’t need to worry about dieting.”

Having run consistently for the past 17 years, since turning 40, i can tell you that there isn’t a single day that i don’t:

  • Weigh myself
  • Consciously evaluate every food choice i make on a daily basis
  • Feel frustrated at how easily i gain weight
  • Secretly wish i didn’t have to work so hard just to maintain my weight

You had no idea right?




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