We can not teach others

Disney Keynote Speakers
You give yourself an A+ for creating your own learning environment, right?


We can not teach others until we learn to teach ourselves.

Where would we be without failure?

And teachers?

Who is your best teacher?

(Heads up, it’s a trick question.)

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How i define my aging limitations


If asked, “When is a person considered old?”, what would you say?

How i define my aging limitations…

The only limitations i have are those i impose upon myself.

A self-discovery while on a 1980 North Carolina Outward Bound outdoor adventure.

Outward Bound’s motto:

To serve, to strive, and not to yield.




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Rearrange our word choice and magic happens

Twitter video
Twitter screen shot on iPhone. One word is missing.


This photo was taken yesterday. It’s a Twitter advertisement for their new video app. Love the tag line:


Life, camera, action.


Rearrange our word choice and magic happens. A small tweak – add one word, change the order – changes everything.


Life, purpose, action, camera.


Got it?

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With dreams, how long is reasonable?

Special Thank You cards
Donna Flanagin makes these and gives them away.


What is a reasonable number of days to put our dreams on hold?

Seriously, do you think about this all the time?

When our answer becomes a passionate “yes”, transformation takes root.

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Waiting for the perfect time to get it together?

Orlando Leadership Keynote Speakers


(photo: Conferences are a great place to learn, obviously.)

Conferences are also a great place to teach. “Ever thought about that?”, he said to himself.

“The important work of reshuffling our life’s priorities should not wait to be done until our conditions are perfect”, he also said to himself.

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