Random (feeling lucky?)

New Year’s Eve 2016

Christmas decorations at Lowes
Yesterday, September 30, 2016 at Lowes.


Today is Saturday, October 1, 2016 as i write this…

Happy 45th birthday Walt Disney World; and Happy 34th birthday Epcot.

And when this post goes public, we’ll be counting down the hours until 2017.

Happy New Year’s Eve.

It’s an interesting juxtaposition to write and post this way.

i love it.

It doesn’t make sense to someone stumbling upon these “five daily, differently-themed blog posts on five different sites, all daisy-chained together”.

It’s kinda fun to do the impossible. – Walt Disney

If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough. – “The Internet’s only 5-a-day blogger”

Oh, and one more celebration…December 30, 2001 was the last time i drank alcohol.

This means New Year’s Eve 2001 was the first “dry day” in roughly 25 years.


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Random (feeling lucky?)

Just another ordinary day

Orlando sunrise
Was compelled to climb out onto the roof.


Yesterday, a Saturday, began like every other ordinary day.

Like the 2,500 previous (and consecutive) days, i was up early to start the morning routine.

This includes two hours of reading, praying, thinking, and writing.

Along comes the predictable sunrise, but this one was different.

It compelled me to crawl through a window onto our roof.




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Random (feeling lucky?)

Attitude app

iPhone home screen screen shot
What if there was an app that measured, managed, and enhanced our attitude?


Yesterday at the end of a seven-mile run, a neighbor and i spent some time catching up. His son, 18, had left just minutes before to drive by himself to Philadelphia. My neighbor is a Spanish-speaking Pastor. i could sense his parental distress from the reality of his son leaving the nest.

Another neighbor, retired, drove up and through the passenger side window, asked me if i had heard of the WAZE app. It tells you where speed traps are set up and where there are red-light enforcement cameras, etc.

i was so astonished that people would even need such an app. If you drive the speed limit (and why wouldn’t you) and respect traffic light rules of engagement, then the app is worthless.

You can also say to Siri, “Check traffic” and you have an instant, up to date report, in seconds.

Caught myself sounding a bit self-righteous and reminded my neighbor to please keep sharing his discoveries, even though i have no use for WAZE.




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Random (feeling lucky?)

Original Walt Disney World hire date 1982

Orlando Sanford airport
Walking from parking lot.


Orlando Sanford Airport


Waking up in Allentown this morning, October 17 is a privilege. And knowing what i write right now will post on January 25 is a cool way to experience a milestone moment several times over.

On January 25, 1982 my life path began to change even though I had no clue.

Arriving in Orlando (from Pennsylvania) on January 24, 1982, my first day at Walt Disney World was the very next day and it was called Disney Traditions. Otherwise known as new employee orientation.

Knowing that i can now (since retiring from Disney) work from anywhere is also a milestone.

Writing is a cool way to simultaneously live in multiple moments: the past, present, and future.




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Random (feeling lucky?)

Holding on to too much, we are weighed down

Disney World Monorail cab
You can see the coolest things in this Orlando town called Walt Disney World Resort.


Will you push the day or will the day pull you?

Holding on to too much, we are weighed down. And the drag on our potential joy today is severely inhibited.

And this doesn’t bother the crap out of you?

It does me.

Big time.

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