Excuses are even more attractive when the pressure is high

Disney Management Speakers


(photo: Randomly selected from a colleague’s desk on last day at Disney.)

Our excuses reasons to justify just going through the motions are even more attractive when the pressure is on.

Take the December holidays. Crazy. Stressful.

Are we completely unaware? Is it predictable? Does our positive attitude make seasonal exceptions to not be so positive?

It’s the paradox of the most joyful Holiday for many Americans.

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Twenty days to nothing is impossible?

George Cloney asks:

“What if there was a place, a secret place, were nothing was impossible…a miraculous place where you could actually change the world. You wanna go?”



What if you could go to a place where nothing is impossible.

Would you go?

Twenty days until everything changes here.

So weird the Disney email with the trailer above arrived yesterday.

So weird that after six years, the starting line is in view.

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Of course it’s impossible

Mark Twain quote about telling  the truth


(photo: someone’s Facebook update screen shot)

Is it possible to get to a place, probably not until midlife at the earliest, where we are incredibly self-aware and we begin living a different life?

No skeletons in the closet to worry about.

The skeletons are there (and we all have them), but the worry is gone.

To live so that if anyone ever said something bad about you, no one would believe it.

It’s impossible, right?

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Neither Grandmother nor Pastor was embarrassed

Began the day (a Sunday morning while on vacation) driving an hour to the Emergency Vet.

Neither a Grandmother nor Pastor would have been embarrassed by what happened last year.

While waiting to see the doctor this photo and link were revisited.


Walt Disney Legacy Award 2013
There are some things that are simply in our DNA and we can not help ourselves


Can you recall the most astonishing moment in your career?

The Walt Disney Legacy Award announcement in February 2013 was the most humbling experience in three Disney Decades.

So many deserving people were nominated and considered.

So many.

Deserving people.

Why not one of them?

A question for which there is no intelligent answer.

The next four posts share a little of the Magic that happened that February morning.

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Arizona vanity license plate


Work van in parking lot
Random parking lot photo of random van. Keener?


The front table of students were writing notes and the class had not yet begun. The teacher struck up a conversation since she had never met the students before – their enthusiasm was intriguing.

They proclaimed they were all ‘Keeners’.

What’s a Keener?

The student’s use of the word keener is perfect.

Turns out the whole room was.

A teacher’s dream come true.

And yes, proof that attitude is everything.

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