Dear writing

Disney leadership author jeff noel
Leaving Magic Kingdom last night at 8pm.


Dear writing,

i love you.

i can’t imagine life without you.


i can’t imagine.

Seven and one-half years ago (and 13k+ posts) i was seduced into thinking that writing five daily, differently-themed blog posts would change my life.

It did, but not for the reason that got me started.

i began because i was desperately trying to figure out how to write that book to our child – the book i had promised to write 30 years prior – for which the first sentence was still to be written.

It was supposed to be a 100-day, self-imposed writer’s bootcamp to gain practice for writing a book.

And you, dear writing, you had another plan.

On day 101, with no commitment nor obligation to continue writing five daily, differently-themed posts, i continued anyway.

It’s been 2,723 days consecutive days.



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