What will your choice be?

When was the last time you had a heart to heart talk with yourself? Seriously!

Congratulations if it was recent, meaningful and you feel you acted with decisiveness.

If you didn’t, why not? This is the process I repeat over and over.

As the CEO of Fast Company said in a presentation I observed many years ago, his process was (and probably still is) Launch, Learn, Revise.

Launch, learn, revise. Has a nice ring to it.

There is a book out, which I haven’t read (but hope to soon), called “What Got you Here Won’t Get you There”.

Does this title stir any emotions with you?

Are you happy with the current path your life is on? Many times on my mid life journey I ask this question. Even this morning. And, oh yes, even yesterday. How about this thought from Phillip Brooks (1835 -1893), noted American clergyman and author:

“You must learn, you must let God teach you, that the only way to get rid of your past is to make a future out of it. God will waste nothing.”

Let your “successful failures” give you the seeds of wisdom to make choices that will help you make your 2009 one of your best (if not the best) years ever! And let your glorious victories, small or large, help you see that anything is possible. You just have to believe.

I challenge myself to do the impossible. Like this entry a few days ago about the 10-year old boy with luekemia: https://midlifecelebration.com/?p=220

Carpe diem! Gotta go. The sun is up and it’s time for a run. Later.

By jeff noel

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