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Mailbox at night


The next step after noticing is learning. Some people complain that their mail is delivered late. Truth is, someone has to be last. That’s easy to say when you’re not last, isn’t it?

As growth surges behind Disney’s Magic Kingdom, routes are adjusted, etc. Guess who’s last now?

Mail arrived after 8pm last night.

The top piece of mail contains a very large check.

Worth the wait?

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  1. Patty, than you.
    This would normally be something kept private.
    However, part of the story at Mid Life Celebration is real life in real time.
    Living by example, the risk taking, the vision, the up and downs, the risk of leaving Disney, and now, the first fruits of waiting over six years with no revenue. The anxious feelings year after year submitting tax returns with plenty of expenses but zero revenue. Felt certain there would be an audit…you know, just another person deducting things without a real plan to make a profit.
    The peace of mind this check represents is staggering.

  2. It is wonderful to see how God works and in His timing…the seeds planted and the harvest.

  3. Bob, yes, and reading in between the lines is all the theory in text books come to life through vision, patience, determination, hope, and faith.

    And in addition, not giving up even though the temptation to was constant.

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