New Year’s – Resolve to reverse the past

Gonna make a New Year’s resolution this year?   No?   Why not?  If you’re like me, your wisdom has taught you that your resolutions have a poor chance of coming true.  It’s predictable.  Yet, it’s also reversable.  Here are 6.5 things you can do to jump start a new resolve this year:

1.  Start early.  June is good.

2.  Make a really easy resolution.

3.  Be realistic.  Seriously.  Too big = failure.

4.  What got you where you are will not move you forward.

5.  Have a deadline.  Deadlines provide you with focus.

6.  Have a purpose.  Purpose provides you with the reason why.

6.5.  Don’t be a chicken-shit*!  Learn to kick your own ass*.

(* Please forgive the language. I’ll type 10,000 words and not use profanity; however, it just seems to fit right here, right now. And both words/phrases will be covered in another story, later.)

Let’s talk about # 2 – “Make a really easy resolution”

Several years ago I decided to set all my clocks (15 devices in our house & cars) to the same time. To make it a bit more challenging, with my wife’s support, we made them all the real time. Pretty gutsy move if you ask me.

Why? Because all the clocks had different times and none of them were the real time.

The fundamental change here was to just admit that time is what it is. Playing and trying to manipulate it doesn’t change anything. It only led me to believe I had some control over the clock.

The only thing I have control over is my ability to accept the reality that my habits are the culprit, or victor, over being late or on time for meetings and commitments.

This making sense to you?

It was an “easy” resolution. Set all the clocks to the (same) real time. The hard part was not being late for work, church, school, etc.

Seriously, how hard is it to simply move the big and little hands to the real time?

It felt good to accomplish a New Year’s resolution.


The obvious of course. But also the momentum of “having one in the win column.”

It was the next year that I resolved to do a BIG resolution. More on that later.

Make it a great day, because if you don’t, who will?

Later! And, oh yeah, carpe diem!!

By jeff noel

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