Last wakeup call you did what?

Disney speaker jeff noel in Glacier National Park
In the absence of a wakeup call, you can create conditions to simulate intense awareness.

Last wakeup call in 2008-09 (real estate/banking collapse) while you were at Disney Institute (DI) you did what?

  • Brainstormed a plan B in case there ever was another unexpected layoff.
  • Picked the best idea from the creative list
  • Stopped at SunTrust Bank on the way home from DI to seek “starting a business first step advice”
  • Visited, registered my business and scheduled the LLC to begin January 1, 2009.
  • Grabbed some domain name real estate at GoDaddy in 2008
  • Installed and began blogging October 17, 2008.
  • April Fools Day 2009, began self-imposed, 100-day writer’s bootcamp to write 5 daily, differently-themed blog posts.
  • Created social media accounts, including Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • After a 30-year delay, wrote the first sentence to my book, finished it 2 years later, and after 2 more years of fear, mustered the courage to publish it Thanksgiving 2013.
  • In 2008, made a promise to retire from Disney in 6 years at age 55, and begin a solo speaking/writing career in earnst.
  • Now at at 60, after 5 incredibly transformational solo years, my one-month-ago-Disney-retired wife (35 years at WDW) and i are blessed to be able to ride out Covid-19.
  • As a currently unemployed speaker, there’s solace in knowing Covid-19 will pass.
  • My/our hope for the future has never been greater.

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