Insight for your Mid Life Celebration

How important is insight? What is insight? Where does it come from?

When deciding whether you have a mid life crisis or a mid life celebration, you may consider using our God given ability to think. Not only can we think, but we can also use intuition.

So what is insight and how is it related to intuition?

Webster’s dictionary sums it up like this:

Insight – “the ability to see and understand the inner nature of things, especially by intuition.”

Why tell you that? Because it is reasonable to believe that eventually we’ll all be in a situation where we’ll look back on things (our life, in this example) and evaluate our effectiveness.

Typically, there are two things that trigger our need to evaluate. First and foremost is a “wake-up call”. Second, and far less common, is self-reflection – done in advance of any major life-changing event.

Please don’t misinterpret this message. Trust me, I’ve made more “mistakes” already, than most make in an entire 90-year lifetime. That’s one of the reasons I’m an expert at Mid Life Celebration.

The fundamental acts of self-reflection, prayer, meditation and being thankful, are all that are needed to start transforming your life. It certainly transformed my life.

If you remember yesterday’s post and the lyrics from “Cats in the Cradle”, you’ll surely know that the children you love, will turn out just like you.

Does this make you proud, or worried?

Make your day GREAT! And, “If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.”

By jeff noel

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