Guerrilla Mid Life

Are you one of those people that dreamt, during your youthful days, of a wildly fulfilling life? Have you let go of those dreams? Have you accomplished your dreams? Modified them? Forgotten them?


Are you quietly and steadily finding renewed purpose and hope in those idealistic youthful dreams?

This past Wednesday I heard keynote speaker, Mark Sanborn ( ) at a Walt Disney World conference. He quoted a statistic we can all relate to – 76% of Americans say they are insanely busy. And that most Americans are proud of it. Not me. What about you?

My guess is the other 25% are really busy and have yet to climb to the insanity level.

We get to be so busy because we have so much coming at us that we are never taught to handle. Because we don’t know how to handle it, with effective life strategies and tactics, we become overwhelmed. And there is little chance we will ever break this chain. Death may set us free, perhaps.

Ever feel this way? Ever think about this kind of stuff?

Who’s got time to think about it? We’re all so insanely busy that we just keep turning up the heat, until we reach the boiling point. This is where things called wake-up calls arrive at our front door.

I’ve had quite a few wake-up calls in my life. Some I’ve heeded. Some I haven’t. And then the phone rings again. It’s for me. It’s my wake-up call again.

So what seemed logical, took forever to figure out. But once I started to spend time to Rethink, and then to Reprioritize, things actually started getting better.

And my life has gotten measurably better since I’ve Recommited to what matters most.

I can offer you hope and inspiration, but only if you want it. Needing it isn’t enough. You absolutely have to want it, or none of it will make a difference.

Here’s one of Life’s Secrets: You’ll see it when you believe it!

Good night and sweet (youthful) dreams. The ones where nothing seemed impossible and anything seemed possible.

PS. Here’s another secret that works for me, and maybe you too. And you can quote me on this one:

If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.”

By jeff noel

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