Does lunch ever inspire you?

Lunch. The meal most consider eating in the middle of the day, say from 11am – 1pm, more or less. We do this every day. If we’re smart anyway. And, if we’re blessed to have live in a part of the world that isn’t challenged with war or famine. So generally speaking, we all “do lunch” everyday.

And, it is far from “inspiring”.

Because of the usual and customary habits we have, lunch can be fairly uneventful. It’s something to do (or have to do) in order to nourish our bodies and ward off hunger.

No flash of brillance. No earth-shattering revelation. Just lunch. Alone or with others. Just lunch.

So yesterday, I’m eating lunch with two eight-year olds. My son and his good friend. We all had simple sandwiches and chips. We decided to eat on our patio, since the temperature was a balmy 78 degrees.

I offered the boys two choices of chips, and placed the bags on the table, something I don’t usually do. Anyway, the bag of Dorito’s is in front of me, with the back of the bag facing me. A boy’s photo was staring me in the face. It had the look of a “missing child” announcement, for a 13-year old Florida boy named Pat Pedraja. It seemed odd to me that Dorito’s would have a “missing child” notice on their bag, so I started to read it and here it is word for word:

“At the age of 10, Pat developed leukemia. After seeing patients die with no matching donor, Pat learned there was a critical shortage of ethnic minorities on the National Marrow Donor Program Registry. Pat and his mom got into an RV and drove cross country to 32 cities, to get minorities to join the registry. By selling sponsorship on his bald head, he raised over $140,000 and added 8,000 donors to the NMDP Registry.”

I sat there, humbled.

Humbled and amazed by what a 10-year old boy and his mom did. They did something great! In fact, there is a website – – at the bottom of the chip bag.

Check it out if you want. But even if you don’t check it out, do something. In fact, I’ll be as bold as to challenge you to do something GREAT!

Make it a great day for yourself and for others. Because if you don’t, who will? Carpe diem!

By jeff noel

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