Yesterday, today and tomorrow

snow covered street
Photo from January 2022 in Apgar, MT. Walked and jogged shirtless this morning at Walt Disney World. This goes public early June. Past, present, and future.

What keeps you motivated into your 14 consecutive year, writing five daily, differently-themed blog posts?

Mentally, there are two ever-refreshing models: (1) a 72-hour window and (2) a camera roll.

(1) Each day reflects on a present 72-hour window…

  1. What i learned yesterday
  2. What i get to do today
  3. What i hope for tomorrow

(2) The Camera roll:

  • Photos & videos from yesterday
  • Photos in folders related to whatever topic today inspires
  • Or random scroll through 170k photos & videos

Some days all five posts unpack a single event or topic.

Other days each post is different and unrelated to an event or topic.

These two methods got randomly revealed after finishing the original 100-day self-imposed writer’s bootcamp.

Note: There was never any desire nor intention to write past the 100-day goal. Additionally, never thought the 100-day goal was achievable. But in true jeff-land dreaming, knew there was only one way to live with no regret – go for the impossible goal.

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