What To Say If People Tell You You’re Crazy

If you read carefully, it sounds like Walt Disney may have been a cry baby.

Ever thought what your response would be if someone told you you’re crazy? I have. Long and hard. The answer finally came, “Thank you”.

Note: Midlife Celebration is about our attitude. And so is our response to what appears like criticism.

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Midlife Name Calling

Not What You'd Expect
Not What You'd Expect


Out of no where.

Talk about being hit with a blind spot!

Last week, the new guy said, “You’re the most boundary-less thinker I’ve ever met”.

Think about it, you might have some really exciting, positive blind spots.

Listen carefully when you engage with others. When they call you names, it will probably fly right over your head, or, it just might make your day.

Maybe it’s the tag line at the Next Blog that helped form the blind spot.