For 1 Man, Passion Is King

(Lennon) You may call me a dreamer, but I’m not the only one...

Have your crazy altruistic dreams been abandoned, modified, accomplished?

Nothing against focusing on cash, yet when I reached midlife, I found cash secondary to doing something great.

To me, and maybe you, passion is king.

Midlife entrepreneurs often bootstrap their dreams. It’s either that or give up.

I made a generous offer to a trusted friend and he accepted.

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MidLife Best-Selling Book Delayed

Trustworthy…a person who keeps his word…can be trusted to do the right thing…

Whatever it is you are dreaming of, don’t give up…

Jeff Noel’s first best-selling book should be done. But it’s not. So March is dedicated to pressing on in spite of an unexpected, and long, setback.

Unexpected, because the original vision for writing it flopped.

Long, because I kept hoping for a miracle.

March. Spring. ReThink. RePrioritize. ReCommit.

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