Peace In Your Soul

The easiness and simplicity of the present moment

Disney Keynote Speakers
Last night’s trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom to shoot a short client video for social media.


The easiness and simplicity of the present moment is lost because we are constantly thinking about so many things.

It’s challenging to simply be focused on the present moment without a dwelling on something that’s already happened, or a preoccupation with something that might or will happen in the future.

Case in point, as i type this, i’m preoccupied with two clients with high, yet unrealistic, expectations. These clients want amazing results and the miracle of getting those results with a magic formula that circumvents a slow and steady uphill climb.


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Everything Is Important

Easter 2016 is tomorrow

siri screen shot
Easy to forget in a crazy busy world.


Easter 2016 is tomorrow.

So what?

Begs the question doesn’t it?

Are we even remotely aware of the significance of this day in the history of the world?




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Joy In Your Spirit

Home for Christmas?

Allegiant Air departures


(photo: Notice the date at the bottom of photo??

Home for Christmas after really long absence?


If and when Christmas is more than December 25, yes.

And Christmas is always more than Dec. 25.

Is Christmas April 6?

How can it not be?

Merry Christmas, hope Spring 2015 is treating you better than you deserve.

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Back To The Future

When habits are changed, new life is born

Apple email that iPhone 6 is ready for pickup


(photo: The smallest of details on the left, the date. Last night at 10:49pm Autumn officially began… and yet it’s New Year’s day)

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

Not the salutation we’d expect on January 1, 2015.

Feeling on fire with anticipation today?

That’s the magic of challenging the way we’ve always done things.

Writing this on September 23, 2014, it’s so easy to taste the future yet savor the current moment and the days ahead.

Like double dipping.

Last January 1st, as an experiment in humility, began omitting key words:

I, my, me, or mine.

A major life transition is something we wait for all our lives.

When habits are changed, new life is born

But if we don’t find creative, purposeful ways to change, guess what happens?


A year from now we’ll wish we had started something today.

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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

Living in two places is an extraordinarily different experience

Clock on the wall


(photo: From last night in our Church’s PREP Class office. Who has time to read five daily blogs about balance?)

Heading to Texas on a business trip in an hour and taking our son (14). Have promised to do this on a regular basis and but it has never happened.




But not too busy or too distracted to write five daily, differently-themed blog posts about life’s big choices.

And yes, even though this is being written on September 17, am fully aware that yesterday was Christmas day (when this goes live on Dec 26).

To live in two places (now and the future) is an extraordinarily different experience than just living in one.

Another experiment the final week in 2014…

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